Glass Laser Cutting

WOP patented technology for cutting glass & sapphire offers ultra-high precision and quality tempered and non-tempered glass and sapphire laser cutting services.

We offer ultra-high precision and quality for all glass grades, including chemically tempered or optically coated glasses.

There are plenty of areas, where our glass cutting method is applicable: custom thin glass cutting, coverslips with exceptional diameter tolerance ±3 µm, microscopy slides with thickness tolerance ±1 µm, cover glass cutting, mobile phone screens, buttons, and camera lenses cutting, smart glasses screens cutting, wafer-level glass products dicing, etc.

Additionally, we have mechanical dicing tools that extend our capabilities and let us offer solutions to all markets.

We ensure:

  • Ultra-high precision and quality on tempered and non-tempered glass
  • Small feature sizes
  • Thin glass cutting, from 30 µm to 3 mm
  • Various shapes – circular, square, irregular
  • High aspect ratios, unachievable with alternative technologies
  • Custom thin glass cutting
  • Cover slips
    Diameter tolerance
    ±3 µm
  • Microscopy slides
    Thickness tolerance
    ±1 µm
  • Cover glass
  • Wafer level glass product dicing
  • Smart glasses screens

Over 10 years of expertise in glass - exceptional quality results

  • High throughput and yield
  • Straight or irregular cuts
  • <20 μm chipping (typ. none)
  • Smooth side walls (Ra<1 μm)
  • Ability to cut from 30 µm to 10 mm thick glass
  • No debris on the back and the front surface
  • High bending strength (up to 180 MPa)
  • Easy adaptation for different glass types (Borofloat 33, Eagle XG, D263T, SD2, SW-Y, Gorilla, AS87, etc.) or fused silica
  • Ability to cut non-glass materials (Available)
  • Mechanical glass cutting (Available)
  • Ability to work with metalized and optically coated glasses
  • Minimal or no post-processing is needed
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