FemtoLAB KIT Solution for laboratories and R&D centers

FemtoLAB KIT is a laser micromachining solution for scientific and industrial customers, who already have a laser source, but not a complete set for laser micromachining applications.

Depending on your needs, FemtoLAB KIT can perform diverse applications, like laser micro-drilling & micro-cutting, laser micro marking, surface structuring, multiphoton polymerization (MPP), laser welding.

Main features

  • Fabrication of complex objects with submicron resolution.
  • High-speed micromachining.
  • XYZ high accuracy sample positioning.
  • Custom beam delivery and shaping for selected wavelengths.
  • Control of the entire system through a single-screen interface.
  • Easily upgradeable, custom design.

FemtoLAB-KIT Benefits

  • Custom Build
    Every workstation is built according to the exact result you want to reach
  • Upgradeable
    You can add additional functionalities over time
  • Flexible
    One workstation can make several applications, not one
  • Full Support
    We will install workstation at your premises and will train your team
  • 1 Year Warranty
    And service afterward
  • References
    Our systems are installed in diverse businesses, research universities, and organizations

FemtoLAB-KIT principle configuration

  • Laser source (provided by customer | not included)
  • Sample positioning system
  • Beam delivery and scanning unit
  • Laser power and polarization control unit
  • System control software (auto-focus and machine vision on request)
  • Sample holders and special mechanics (sample handling automation on request)
  • Optical table
  • Enclosure (full or partial)
  • Dust removal unit
    The laser system is automated by the micromachining software SCA.

We deliver a full-service solution

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