Custom Laser System Custom-build laser workstation for laboratories and R&D centers

Among our product portfolio, we offer customized solutions for essentially any ultrashort pulse laser application or personalized laser micromachining platform design.

The main Workshop of Photonics’ strength is attention to customer needs working together to desired functions and processes implementation in a single laser system.

Nonetheless, emerging new femtosecond laser applications require new solutions that cannot be found as off-the-shelf products before these applications and solutions are fully established. 

That’s why we open doors for individual requests to keep the frontline of femtosecond laser process development.

Main features:

  • Custom positioning solution
  • Best in the market process parameters matched laser integration
  • Process proof of concept in Workshop of Photonics laboratory
  • Individually discussed laser beam delivery path and main components
  • Redesigned system construction based on actual needs and limitations
  • Unique software features development


  • Custom Build
    Every workstation is built according to the exact results you want to reach
  • Flexible
    One workstation can be built to perform several applications, not just one
  • Full support
    We will install the workstation at your premises and train your team
  • References
    Our systems are installed in a diverse range of businesses, research universities, and organizations
  • 1 year warranty
    And after-warranty service

Entire laboratory on an optical table

Our custom-build femto system is an upgradeable, flexible femtosecond laser micromachining workstation for laboratories and R&D centers – an entire laboratory on an optical table.

Working in the femtosecond laser field and exploring various research areas, it is crucial to have machine flexibility to tune it for different applications.

With an extensive background in process development Workshop of Photonics understands how critical it is to match the demand of different research teams involved and enable their all needs.

Herewith we offer FemtoLAB – a femtosecond laser micromachining workstation – for universal use.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications depend on individual requirements and needed tasks to implement. It may vary depending on individual requests – the reference parameters range is listed below.

Parameter Value
Pulse duration 35 fs – 20 ps
Repetition rate 1 Hz – 8 MHz (Single-Shot, Pulse-on-Demand, Burst Mode)
Average power Up to 200W
Pulse energy Up to 7 mJ
Wavelength 1030 nm, 515 nm, 343 nm, 257 nm
Positioning accuracy Down to ± 175 nm
Travel range From 25×25 mm to 500×500 mm

Case example

  • In close partnership with ScanLAB, we have integrated precSYS micromachining sub-system for exceptionally clean processing of variable holes and structures without post-processing along with a fast marking scanning solution in a single system. The designed solution is focusing on price-effective laser integration for laser contract manufacturing services.

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