Surface Structuring

Functional Surface Modification     Fiber Tip Processing     Selective Laser Ablation

Workshop of Photonics has a long-term experience in femtosecond laser surface micro-structuring.

Free from thermal effects pulses enable the creation of precise structures for desired applications.

A large variety of nano- and micro-scale structures can be controllably produced on diverse metallic and transparent materials using direct femtosecond laser processing techniques.

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Functional surface modification

Laser surface structuring can be used to enhance various properties of surfaces or even induce new properties that material does not possess by itself, for example:

  • Friction reduction/lubricant retention
  • Diffractive structures for optical applications
  • Micro molds for micro/nano feature replication
  • Roughness modification
  • Hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity
  • Marking

By using a femtosecond laser, surface structuring can be performed on a variety of transparent materials.

The method is based on a very short pulse duration and large laser peak fluence. It allows structuring almost all classes of materials with ultra-high precision and without the occurrence of noticeable heat-affected zones.

Fiber tip processing

Femtosecond laser custom made fiber tips allow to provide optimum control over beam delivery and/or increased efficiency of light collection.

Shaped optical fiber tips can be used in applications such as optical sensing and remote laser surgery, also for other applications by controlling the angle of light leaving the fiber or directing it to the side. It provides advantages of enhanced beam control, optical system robustness, and stability, also economical advantages.

Our fiber processing expertise allows us to produce specially designed shaped tip fibers. We manage industry-leading fiber processing technology and experience.

Typical shaped fiber tips:

  • Lens (Convex/Concave/Spherical Ball)
  • Taper (Up or Down)
  • Diffuser
  • Side-Fire
  • Angled End

Selective laser ablation

Selective laser ablation is one of the most common industrial lasers applications today.

It ensures high processing speed and high quality of a processed area.

Small portions of metal layers can be precisely removed without any damage to the substrate using femtosecond laser pulses. The depth and geometry of ablation may vary; therefore, it is suitable for a variety of applications.

Main features:

  • High-speed laser processing
  • No signs or burning
  • No heat-affected zones
  • High positioning accuracy
  • High quality
  • Micron resolution

Hard materials ablation (e.g. polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and sapphire) is a challenging task even for lasers.

But it can be managed by using a femtosecond laser that overcomes not only the hardness of materials but also very high thermal conductivity, which allows us to avoid burned regions, that may appear if other methods are used.


  • Production of lithography masks
  • Beam shaping elements
  • Optical apertures
  • Diffraction gratings
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