FemtoFBGLaser workstation for fiber Bragg gratings writing

FemtoFBG is a laser micromachining workstation optimized for fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) writing.

It is a perfect choice for scientific laboratories, R&D centers, and industrial clients working with fiber lasers, distributed sensors, and telecommunications.

Femtosecond FBG writing is a proven technology for universal Bragg Gratings writing in various optical fibers, including not UV-sensitized fibers.

The main advantage of the femtosecond laser writing unlimited length or structure of Bragg grating is not using a phase mask. Femtosecond lasers can be applied for Point-by-Point (PbP) and Line-by-Line (LbL) for up to 2nd order FBGs writing in various optical fibers, including multicore fibers. The smallest pitch in PbP writing is ~1 µm.

​​Femtosecond FBG writing using a phase mask enables long-term modifications that are impossible with Excimer lasers.

Main features

  • Direct writing (point-by-point, line-by-line, plane-by-plane)
  • Precise reflection/transmission spectrum control
  • Direct writing without immersion oil
  • Ultra-long FBGs
  • Apodized Bragg Gratings
  • Variety of optical fibers (single-mode, dual-cladding, multi-core, etc.)
  • Femtosecond FBG writing with a phase mask


  • Professional
    Every workstation is built for accurate process control using leading hardware solutions
  • Easy-to-use
    The system is designed for a simplified FBG writing process
  • Flexible
    A single system can be used for different FBG writing techniques
  • Full Support
    We will install the workstation at your premises and train your team
  • References
    Our systems are installed in a diverse range of businesses, research universities, and organizations
  • 1 Year Warranty
    And after-warranty service


Micromachining technologies Direct laser writing Direct laser writing,
Mask writing
The system can include fiber drilling, marking, and other functionalities
Laser Single-wavelength Dual-wavelength
Design wavelengths/wavelengths can be chosen, including integration of the customer’s provided laser source
FBG writing options Point-by-Point (PbP) writing,
Line-by-Line (LbL) writing,
Apodized gratings
Point-by-Point (PbP) writing,
Line-by-Line (LbL) writing,
Apodized gratings, FBGs are written using a phase mask
Optional interferometric technique
Fibers Single-mode fibers,
multicore fibers
Maximum fiber diameter 1 mm Customer’s choice
Customer’s choice
Maximum working range 50x50x5 50x100x35
Up to 300×300
Flat samples processing Included Included
Fiber core autofocus Digital Digital
Fiber tension control Included
Holder designed according to individual requirements
Polarization control  – Motorized
Motorized Linear Polarization rotation, Circular, Elliptical, Azimuthal, other
Writing With positioning system With positioning system and/or scanning unit
Positioning and scanning units can be chosen by the customer
Power control Integrated external control Integrated external control
Option for real-time pulse energy measurement
Vibration control Passive Antivibration isolation

Customer review

  • “After 10 years of experience, working with your femtosecond system, my honest opinion is more than positive and we are satisfied with the product. Compared to other systems, ours “full optional facility” allows us to explore valuable processing on many different materials. This is an added value for the research in IIT!”
    Luigino Criante
    Technology Researcher
    Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia Genoa, Italy

FBG writing benefits vs. other methods

  • Writing through the cladding – no need to strip the fibers before FBG inscription.
  • All fiber types – no need for UV photosensitivity.
  • Easy process tuning for different gratings – the mask is not required.
  • Nearly no system maintenance costs compared to excimer laser-based system.

FemtoFBG customers

FemtoFBG is chosen by the researchers from the world's top universities and R&D centers

  • Open website
    Centre technologique Optique & Lasers ALPhANOV, Bordeaux
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  • Open website
    Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science, Portugal
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  • Open website
    Shenzhen University, China
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    • 3D direct laser writing – multiphoton polymerization (MPP)
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