Glass Carrier Wafers

Our ability to densely pack tens and hundreds of thousands of through holes in glass wafer allows us to offer price effective carrier wafers for convenient handling and release processes.

Depending on your needs we offer alkali and alkali-free perforated re-usable glass carriers which are custom made according to your design.

A straight cross-section of the hole enables us to combine more holes then are possible with other technologies and combine large through-holes with narrow channels at the same time.

We ensure:

  • Ultra-high precision and quality
  • Various types of glasses
  • Small feature sizes
  • High aspect ratios unachievable with alternative technologies

Typical features

  • Variety of glasses, major suppliers – Corning, Schott, Hoya, AGC
  • Wafer size – up to 200 mm x 200 mm (8”)
  • Wafer thickness – from 30 µm to 10 mm
  • Round, square and other shapes through holes
  • Straight hole cross-section | no taper
  • ≤10 μm chipping > typ. none
  • Smooth sidewalls, Ra<1 μm
  • Typical min. hole size 20 µm (round)
  • ±3 µm positional accuracy
  • No debris on back and front surface
  • No sagging around holes
  • Aspect ratio up to 1:100
  • High throughput and yield
  • Ability to work with metalized glasses (e.g. Au, Pt, Ni, Cr, Mo)
  • Minimal or no post-processing is needed


  • Sensors
  • Advanced packaging applications
  • Semiconductors
    and other functional devices
  • MEMS
  • Wafer level optics
  • Aerospace applications
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