FemtoFAB Laser machine for industry

FemtoFAB is a turnkey laser workstation designed for a specific industrial process – highly reliable, offers significant advantages in high speed, ultra-high precision, melt-less micromachining.

Main features

  • High fabrication speed – up to 300 mm/s (more on request)
  • Fabrication of complex objects with submicron resolution
  • High-performance galvanometer scanners
  • Pulse density control
  • Precise object positioning with submicron accuracy
  • Object movement and laser pulse synchronization in time and space.
  • Unique software interface controlling all hardware units


  • Result Based
    Every workstation is built according to the exact result you want to reach
  • Upgradeable
    You can add additional functionalities over time
  • Flexible
    one workstation can make several applications, not one
  • Full support
    We will install workstation at your premises and will train your team
  • 2 Years Warranty
    And service afterward

Detailed description

FemtoFAB is a turnkey laser machine designed for a specific industrial process – highly reliable, offers significant advantages in high speed, ultra-high precision, melt-less micromachining.

Configuration is selected and carefully tuned according to a specific laser micromachining application.

The system is protected by Class 1 equivalent laser safety enclosure and controlled through advanced SCA engineer software window.

Principle configuration

  • Laser source
  • Sample positioning system
  • Beam delivery and scanning unit
  • Laser power and polarization control
  • Software for system control (autofocusing and machine vision on request)
  • Sample holders and special mechanics (sample handling automation on request)
  • Optical table
  • Enclosure (full or partial)
  • Dust removal unit
  • Laser system is automated with micromachining software SCA.
    This software is an essential part of the laser system and is not sold separately.

Technical information

Technical specifications depend on individual requirements and needed tasks to implement. It may vary in the range listed below.

Parameter Value
Pulse duration 200 fs – 10 ps
Repetition rate 1 kHz – 1 MHz
Average power Up to 20W
Pulse energy Up to 2 mJ
Wavelength 1030 nm, 515 nm, 343 nm, 258 nm, 206 nm
Positioning accuracy ± 250 nm
Travel range From 25×25 mm to 300×300 mm (larger on request)

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