27 September, 2022
WOP Developed Super-Accurate Robotic Solution for Laser Micromachining

Workshop of Photonics | WOP, in collaboration with ABB AS, under the TRINITY Robotics DIHs project, has developed a complete robotized laser micro-micromachining workstation based on the collaborative robotic solution with the integration of machine vision and custom software.

The main goals behind the project were to develop a robotic solution that would enable us to perform faster, cheaper, and more flexible than conventional laser micromachining solutions.


  • This collaborative robotic solution ensures ultra-accurate and fast automated glass wafer placement for fabrication, thus eliminating the need for human input and is less error-prone.
  • By combining machine vision with a collaborative robot, we have achieved an ultra-accurate glass wafer placement accuracy of ≤ 1 micron.
  • This solution enables to set up of a 24/7 automated fabrication process with remote workflow management.


With a strong R&D background, WOP has developed winning laser micromachining solutions over the years. Today, they are already applicable and widely used in industry, leading to a growth in production.

However, manual work – handling of materials – we use today becomes way too time-consuming.

Microfabrication speed and yield is limited to the operator samples handling speed. But, there is an accuracy of 1 µm needed while handling the materials, and there is currently no available robotic solution that can achieve it.

For this purpose, cooperation between two companies has been set up – WOP, operating in laser micromachining, and ABB AS, a robotic solution supplier.

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