13 May, 2024
FemtoGLASS Wins The Prestigious A’ Design Award

A FemtoGLASS – glass cutting and dicing laser workstation – industrial design, developed by the Desdorp team, has been recognized with the A’ Design Award!

A‘ Design Award and Competition is one of the World’s largest, most prestigious, and influential design accolades, one of the highest achievements in design. 

We are glad and proud of the result, which took us almost a year to search for the best forms, colors, and, most importantly, ergonomics. The main creative challenge was to design an aesthetic laser cutting workstation that would be minimal and understandable with unobtrusive form and a standout look at the same time.

The main goal was to improve the usage scenario and increase the working area without compromising the outlook and usability. The intention was to convey FemtoGLASS features – the ultimate precision and quality it offers. Thus, the idea for the workstation was to be trustworthy, sturdy, elegant, and modern with clear design language and friendly usage.

The FemtoGLASS is a new glass & sapphire laser cutting and dicing workstation ideal for research & development, and volume manufacturing.

It is based on patented WOP glass & sapphire cutting technology, which is unique for ultra-high quality and precision results.

Understanding market needs and the growing demand for glass as a material, we have developed a unique state-of-the-art glass and sapphire cutting & dicing technology to overcome today’s market challenges.

Our technology outperforms other glass-cutting methods and thus is very well applicable in semiconductors, microfluidics, and micro-optics industries.


  • Ultra-thin (30 µm to 2 mm in a single pass) glass & sapphire cutting
  • All shapes: circular, square, irregular
  • Tunable dicing process for different substrate thicknesses
  • Inner and outer contours
  • Easy breaking for non-tempered glass and self-breaking for tempered glass
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