• From feasibility studies to laser micromachining workstations and industrial technological solutions. Workshop of Photonics is all about laser micromachining.
  • State of the art glass and sapphire cutting technology was developed to overcome challenges arising from new materials and customer’s requirements.
  • Space variant waveplates are space variant retardance plates which enables tailored control of spatial polarization.
  • Custom developed systems for various laboratory and industrial laser micromachining tasks: from ceramics scribing to 3D polymerization.


  1. Laser Micro Cutting

    State of the art technology for transparent material cutting enables scribing tempered, non-tempered glass and sapphire with high process speed, low chipping and smooth side walls after breaking. Learn more.

  2. Laser Micro Scribing

    Special technology for heat sensitive material processing results in no heat affected zones and melted layers, narrow grooves, no overshooting in intersections, and high accuracy. Learn more.

  3. Laser Micro Drilling

    Developed laser drilling technology enables to control not only diameter, but also depth and tapper angle, as well as elipticity of the resulting hole, or matrix of holes. Learn more.

  4. Laser Micro Marking

    Marking inside a bulk of transparent material does not affect surface, cracks near markings are very small or absent. Surface marking of heat sensitive material leaves no signs of burning. Learn more.

  5. Selective Laser Ablation

    Laser ablation of selected layers from various surfaces does not create heat affected zone and allows to control depth and geometry of ablated layer. Learn more.

  6. 3D Additive Manufacturing

    Structuring micron scale objects using 3D additive manufacturing technology gives the opportunity to create complex shaped, multi-functional, integrated micro optics in a single fabrication procedure. Learn more.


09Mar 2017

Workshop of Photonics (UAB Altechna R&D) 2017-01-04 has signed the agreement with Lithuanian Business Support Agency regarding project: expansion of export of high added value laser micromachining solutions of UAB „Altechna R&D“ (WOPEXPO) financing from European Union Structural funds by support measure „New Possibilities LT“.