07 January, 2021
WOP Introduces Glass & Sapphire Cutting Workstation FemtoGLASS

It is hard to imagine our lives without the glass. Most likely, glass is a substance that has changed the world like no other.

Today it plays an essential role in many industries and applications – an engineering material in architecture, optics, communications, also different high-technology fields.

Understanding the importance of glass and following increasing demand, WOP has developed a glass & sapphire cutting workstation to overcome challenges arising from new materials and customer requirements.


It can be used for a wide variety of applications:

Mobile phones sapphire buttons

Microoptics elements

Mobile phones camera lenses

Augmented reality, smart glasses screens

Mobile phone sapphire screens

Mobile phone sapphire screens

Wafer level glass product dicing

The workstation is based on patented WOP glass & sapphire cutting technology and is dedicated to meet industry needs.

The system promises ultra-fast glass & sapphire cutting. It is capable to cut very thin glass and sapphire – from 30 µm to 2 mm.

Irregular shapes, inner and outer contours, low chipping, variety of glasses – are the main advantages it offers.

After comparing with other glass cutting methods, WOP glass & sapphire cutting workstation outperforms in most positions:

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