22 September, 2021
WOP Developed Laser System for Memory of Mankind Project, Delivered to Vienna

The laser system developed for the Memory of Mankind project (MOM) was successfully delivered to Vienna. Here, the actual work will start.

The system will enable to write the data on ceramic tablets stored for a million years later on.

MOM is the project created to preserve today’s stories to give the future to the past. The digital age carries with it the risk that records will either become swiftly illegible or vanish.

Thus MOM has developed ceramic data carriers which conserve analog text and images for unlimited intervals of time.

A durable data carrier is crucial. MOM uses high-tech ceramic to store text and images permanently. In addition, legibility needs to be guaranteed. The information in MOM is directly observable because it is analog: Text, illustrations, and photographs.

There will be 2 different methods for data used:

  • A print with special ceramic color-stains (in a 300 dpi resolution) for photographs and illustrations, similar to a conventional color-laser printer.
  • The specially developed Ceramic Microfilm (in b/w contrast) for texts and mono-colored graphics where text is downsized (five lines per mm) but easily readable with a 10x magnifier. A tablet of Ceramic Microfilm (20×20 cm) can carry up to 5 million characters what equals 5×400-pages books.

Workshop of Photonics delivered system will help deal with the second one – write down the data to ceramic tablets. A book on Ceramic Microfilm requires 1/200 of the volume compared to the printed version.

An archive that claims to persist for 1 million years must be protected from natural and non-natural influences. The MOM archive is located 2 km deep inside the salt deposit beneath the mountain Plassen in Hallstatt, Austria.

The geology of the mountain will allow the MOM archive to fully close itself by a natural phenomenon: the salt “flows” with a speed of 2 cm/year into any void. This will protect the archive from the greatest threat; man himself.

More information about the project and the ways one can contribute to it: www.memory-of-mankind.com 

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