18 October, 2021
WOP Developed a Solution to Solve Depolarization Issue

Workshop of Photonics | WOP, in a joint effort with Ekspla Ltd., developed and verified a solution to solve the depolarization issue – an optical element that compensates distortion of original polarization in the gain medium.

Due to the unique properties of precisely point-by-point inscribed nano-gratings, the depolarization compensator is flexible and versatile, and it can be widely adjusted according to customer needs.

Main advantages vs. alternatives:

  • No absorption
  • Very low scattering
  • Custom and continuous point-by-point patterns
  • Maximum power extraction possibility without additional beam quality degradation
  • Flexibility to compensate different amounts of depolarization by stacking more than one element
  • Saves space, is easy to handle
  • Significantly lower price

Thermal effects in a high-power laser’s gain medium create predictable axially symmetric temperature gradients.

Temperature gradients generate mechanical stresses in pumped crystal, which lead to induced birefringence.

Generated optical anisotropy causes significant power losses if a laser system contains polarization-sensitive elements (e. g. Brewster plates, Faraday rotators).

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