23 June, 2022
Taiwania Capital Meets WOP to Discuss Potential Projects

We were pleased to host #Taiwania Capital and #Foresight representatives at the Workshop of Photonics, a portfolio company of Value Technology, a high-tech investment holding company.

With David Weng, the CEO of Taiwania Capital, and their team, we had an opportunity to discuss exciting potential projects between #Taiwan and #Lithuania. Bringing together Taiwanese and Lithuanian know-how to introduce state-of-the-art #semiconductor testing products to the global market.

We are already participating in the semiconductors market, offering precision solutions and providing tailor-made femtosecond laser workstations and contract manufacturing services based on ultrashort pulse laser micromachining.

Taiwan is launching a US$ 200 million Central and Eastern Europe Investment Fund to enhance the business investment, industrial partnership, and supply chain cooperation between Taiwan and Central and Eastern European countries.

The new investment fund focuses on semiconductors, laser optics, biotechnology, aerospace, fintech, electric vehicles, smart manufacturing, software development, and smart city solutions – areas considered strategic to bilateral relations and the development of Taiwan and Lithuania.

The CEE Fund operates as private equity and venture capital fund by making equity investments in companies with innovative technologies and growth potential.

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