25 April, 2020
New LIDT Results: Laser Damage-Resistant S-Waveplate

High damage threshold – 63,4 J/cm2 @1064 nm, 10ns and 2,2 J/cm2 @1030 nm, 212fs.
These numbers are not a typo – this is a true result of our s-waveplate testing for LIDT at the independent laboratory of Lidaris!

LIDT values confirm our optics are:

  • Unique
  • Reliable
  • High performance
  • Suitable for high LIDT applications
  • Suitable for high power lasers

Referring to LIDT measurements at fs and ns regime, we’ve observed our s-waveplate has laser irradiation resistance similar to uncoated fused silica substrates.

LIDT value measured at 1064 nm, ~10ns is 63,4 J/cm2 and it is not dropping while increasing exposure time. It proves, our waveplates are very high performance, suitable for high power laser applications.




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