10 September, 2019
Altechna R&D Export Development for Laser Micromachining Systems (EXPO)

Altechna R&D, UAB, under the trademark “Workshop of Photonics”, is a company, developing micromachining solutions with femto- and picosecond lasers. UAB Altechna R&D has a wide range of activities: from feasibility studies to laser micromachining workstations and state of the art technological solutions development, targeted to both industrial and academic customers.

The aim of the project “Altechna R&D Export Development for Laser Micromachining Systems (EXPO)” is to increase export volumes in foreign markets.

The aim will be achieved while strengthening international competitiveness and improving competitive positioning in strategic markets that are new to Altechna R&D, UAB, or markets that are only beginning to implement femtosecond laser technologies. During this project, the expansion to new export markets and increasing the existing market shares will be undertaken, as well as participation in international exhibitions to offer Altechna R&D, UAB laser micromachining solutions and sign new contracts, which will allow the export growth of Altechna R&D, UAB products of Lithuanian origin.