11 April, 2022
EPIC Members Visits Workshop of Photonics

EPIC Annual General Meeting 2022, one of the key European Photonics Association events, is a gathering of CEOs from all the EPIC members companies to discuss the key developments and future progress for the Photonics Industry.

This year, the EPIC AGM took place in Vilnius from 6 to 8th April 2022. Attended by more than 180+ executive-level delegates the influential entrepreneurs in this field, the event highlighted the main achievements in the field of photonics.

Also, it was a perfect spot for interacting and networking, resulting in partnerships and collaborations among members.

One of the activities was the Lithuanian laser sectors company’s visits. We were glad to host EPIC members at the Workshop of Photonics facilities, where we had an opportunity to show our processes and products. From tailor-made femtosecond laser workstations to contract manufacturing services and the latest product innovations – robotic hand integration in the wafer processing system.

The group was the first to see our construction plans, as we are increasing our capacities with additional 950 square meters!

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