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18 June, 2021
Development of Optical Engine for Rapid Laser Fabrication of Transparent Materials

WOP has received funding at the last call of the Eurostars 2 international program to develop the optical engine for rapid laser fabrication of transparent materials.

Laser micromachining of transparent materials like glasses, sapphire is fast taking off-trend and constitutes a meaningful part of semiconductor, MEMS, micro-optics industries. Increasing the volume of that fabrication requires a significant rise in the rate of fabrication.

Using electro-optical devices instead of mechanically moving parts enables alternating spatial parameters of laser light extremely fast and, due to that, significantly increasing the speed of performed processes.

The project objective is to develop, design, and manufacture the advanced optical engine technology capable of free-form cutting transparent materials with thickness up to 2 mm.

Cutting will be performed with high accuracy of ~1 μm and high speed limited only by the positioning system of the cutting machine and not the optical engine.

The result of the project will be a competitive optical engine suited for exceptionally rapid fabrication of transparent materials – by employing a non-diffracting beam of ultra-fast laser that has non-cylindrical symmetry and therefore is able to make damages along the desired contour in the fabricated workpiece.

A high-frequency fiber laser will power the optical engine to deliver pulses up to >200 μJ energy and a repetition rate up to 1MHz. The engine will comprise new products, such as a beam shaping element, beam delivery module, and an ultra-fast laser.

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