20 October, 2020
A Contract for Workstation Signed with TU Berlin

A femtosecond laser workstation, developed by WOP, will be going to Berlin with a freshly signed contract with TU Berlin – Technische Universität Berlin.

TU Berlin has a long and rich tradition and is recognized globally as an excellent research university, which is ranked within the top 150 of the “QS” and “THE” World University Rankings.

We all know, education is the future, and a good one has the power to change a life. Therefore, we are happy our developed workstation will assist in educational processes and future researches.

TU Berlin conducts interconnected research at the highest international level into fundamental principles and their applications. One of the main application areas where our laser workstation will assist is photonics and optical systems.

Rapid further developments in light engineering and sensors due to new optical technologies and photonic systems offer a broad spectrum of application: In addition to data and telecommunications, various industrial areas of application play a role, particularly medical technology.

The University is focused on the research and development of new materials, nanophotonic devices, and optical systems. This enables scientists to realize highly efficient light sources for laser diodes with high transmission rates in data communication.

More information about TU Berlin and the researches they make: https://www.tu.berlin/en/research/research-profile/research-focuses/

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