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We offer high-speed and quality plastic cutting services.

When other lasers or mechanical processing methods do not meet technical requirements, femtosecond lasers are unique for their processing due to minimized heat effects while keeping sub-micron feature size.

Laser cutting by cold ablation process is optimized for each material (plastic film, metal foil, others) that is used. Depending on customer needs we focus on minimal discoloration effects, cutting speed, or accuracy.


  • Straight and round cut trajectories
  • Minimal or no discoloration
  • Minimal or no signs of heat-affected deformations
  • Excellent cut surface quality, sub-micron precision of shape
  • High-speed laser processing
  • Different processing parameters might be developed upon request


  • Irregular shape cutting (circular, square, other shapes)
  • High throughput and yield
  • Minimal heat affected zone near the cutting line
  • Smooth sidewalls (Ra<1 μm)
  • Up to 200 mm x 200 mm (8”) wafer size
  • None or minimal discoloration effects
  • Minimal or no post-processing is needed
  • Ability to work with all types of thin films
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