Laser technology for cutting glass and sapphire

Workshop of Photonics (WOP) is currently participating at laser material processing exhibition LASYS  and presents its patent pending Tempered Glass and Sapphire Cutting Technology.

WOP technology allows to cut highly chemically strengthened glass (from 10 to 40 um DOL or even higher) in straight or curved lines. The main advantages of tempered glass and sapphire cutting technology are speed and cutting quality. Straight lines can be cut faster than 500 mm/s, curved lines are cut with 100 mm/s speed or higher.

The same scribing technique can be used on sapphire or silicon carbide as well.

The cut quality of the cut surface is one more advantage of the technology with the surface roughness of <1um and chipping usually below 5 um. When used on glasses with ink layers, damage to ink is limited to ~50 um.

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