Project code: VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K-04-211

Project name: “Increasing the sales in foreign markets of Altechna R&D products and services”

Project start date: 2014-02-01

Project end date: 2015-06-26


Altechna R&D (brand name – Workshop of Photonics) develops laser micromachining technologies and solutions for industrial and academic customers. From feasibility studies to laser micromachining workstations – Altechna R&D satisfies worldwide customers’ needs.

Altechna R&D participated in European Union funded project, the aim to promote business expansion to foreign markets and enhance awareness of company’s products. Also to strengthen Workshop of Photonics brand name amongst competitors. Herewith, to sustain the image of Lithuania as a country rapidly developing laser technologies.

During the project, Altechna R&D participated in six international exhibitions dedicated to laser technologies (Photonics West 2014, Photonics West 2015, LASYS 2014, Laser World of Photonics China 2014, Laser World of Photonics China 2015, Laser World of Photonics 2015) in Germany, USA and China. Altechna R&D activities and products were introduced to hundreds of potential customers. Scheduled meetings were arranged with current customers and partners to discuss additional opportunities and prospects for future collaboration.

European Union funded export promotion project gave the opportunity to establish new connections in foreign countries as well as reinforce relationships with present ones.