Beam Shaping Unit BSU

  • Beam Shaping Unit BSU
  • Beam Shaping. Flat top vs Gaussian Beam
  • Beam shaping. Parameters: ps round matrix flat top
  • Beam shaping. Parameters: ps square flat top50x
  • Beam shaping. Parameters: ps square flat top

Beam Shaping Unit is designed for micromachining applications to create round or square laser spots with uniform intensity distribution. Using this device the amount of energy required to induce modifications on proccesing material is inevitably reduced and proccess is optimized for maximum performance.

Beam Shaping Unit BSU is developed to operate in combination with customer’s scanning optics, but can also be offered as a complete system. It is based on refractive field mapping beam shaper πShaper.

Examples of beam shaping:

bsu keturk2

Fig. 1  Input laser beam profile (left), final square spot (right)


Fig. 2 Input laser beam profile (left), output beam profile (right)


Beam Shaping Unit BSU was developed by AdlOptica and technically implemented by Workshop of Photonics at Altechna R&D Ltd.

Requirements for the customer’s laser:
Parameter Value
Wavelength 257-1064 nm
Pulse duration ns, ps, fs
Mode structure TEM00 or multimode
Intensity distribution Gaussian
 Input beam diameter  6.35 ± 0.05 mm
 Spot shape  Depends on aperture shape
 Spot size  – depends on magnification of the composed
imaging system being defined as ratio of focal
lengths of F-theta lens and internal collimator,
– variable in case of Iris diaphragm
BSU specifications:
 Parameter Value
Power losses <15%
Flatness >95% for TEM00 beam
Final spot diameter (on the focus plane of F-theta) 100 ± 10 μm

A principal optical scheme of BSU installation is demonstrated below.


Mirrors, marked by letter M and M‘ are to be installed prior the installation of BSU. It is just to imagine how optical path should be prepared in advance. Mirrors M‘ are removed during the installation and replaced with the BSU.

Please consider that mirrors M1 and M2 before the enatrance of the BSU are necessary to allow proper alignement of the beam. Two mirrors M3 and M4 after the exit of BSU they are necessary for proper beam alignement to the scanner unit. The distance between a couple of mirrors should be at least 200 mm.

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